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In 2012, Colin Benward released his first solo project called LOVE WAR EP. Also previously taking on the alias called Fire Spies, the 6 six songs attempt to capture the human interaction between transcendence and reality.  At some point in time, no matter what we are dealing with, we all feel the struggle between where we want to be and where we are really at in life. This EP is a personal attempt to share his journey between that struggle he calls the LOVE WAR. Sonically speaking, the music takes you through different emotions from aggression to pain, and at times concerned hope. Every song has been thought out intently and innocently captured to produce an environment of personal acceptance and wanting more out of life. It ultimately poses more questions than answers. And that was his hope from the very beginning of recording this EP.


After getting married in 2014, he began to write about that journey. Sides of Summer EP is his personal expression of those first 6 months. Interwoven with young love diatribes and learning to become a married man, you can feel the desire for true love and the vulnerability in dealing with his personal demons. Stripped and somewhat broken, every song emerges as an intimate conversation between his heart and the fellow audience.  


From the studio to the stage, there is an energy and vulnerability that he lives out from every lyric and movement. What you see is what you get. And what you get is something real and relatable. Benward resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife ( and his fluffy malti poo, Teddy. When he’s not out making music he is cooking and drinking amazing Italian wines.  

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